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November 29, 2011



Thanks for the info on using a microphone with the Kindle Fire. I had no idea that this feature was available. I had crossed it off my list in comparing devices, but I may need to rethink!

Webmaster of Yeti Blue Microphone

Eliya Voldman

Hello Rich,
As you recommended I bought a mic , installed Tape-a-Talk and verified that my mic works. Then I installed Skype and verified that I can send IM. BUT my goal is to make a call. The problem is that when I try to make any call ( even to test echo123) call failed. I can't even cancel my call. What could be wrong? Maybe I need another Skype version or some additional trick ?
Thanks in advance.

Rich responds: I agree ... there seem to be issues with Skype. I believe it is looking for a physical microphone that is part of the device.


Add a webcam as well.. Fire sucks.

Rich responds: What do you expect for $200? I own both an iPad and a Fire, and they are both fine devices. If you need more features, pay the extra $300.

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