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November 23, 2011


susan henn

Downloaded launcher ex and it works great but when I try to launch the kindle reader app it does not respond. I have to switch back to the fire bookshelf to launch the e-reader app. Any digestions?

Rich (the Northstar Nerd) responds: See my post update. Your books are not lost!

A Facebook User

I don't want to sound dumb, but I successfully did this on my Kindle Fire, but I can't figure out how to get to my books now. How do I get to them?


I went ahead and filmed myself
doing the steps in your Article.Enjoy.

Rich ... the Northstar Nerd responds: Thanks Michael!


Thank you very much. The default home screen and set up was driving me crazy! I knew it could be done. Thanks for explaining it.


Do you know where they've gone?!


I installed both programs and cant find them anywhere on this devil box!!


Thanks tor the post, it's awesome. Although I cant get the wallpaper to stick every time I lock my Fire it reverts to that old kindle default, any ideas?


I downloaded Go Launcher, and immediately the touch screen became unresponsive, I had to power off the Kindle (which took almost a minute) then restart it. I first selected Go Launcher, but it froze again. On a second restart I selected the default Launcher, and immediately uninstalled Go Launcher. Would you know why this app froze my screen?

Rich responds: Try downloading both from the vendor site, and that you have obtained the latest version / file.


Easy to install, much nicer! I did like the Kindle wallpapers (records, pencils, etc). Is there a way to use these for my wallpaper now? I can't seem to find where they are stored.

Rich responds: I've not found a way yet to permanently change my wallpaper. Amazon changes it back to their default with each start-up, but at least the Carousel is gone!


I can't download Go Launcher EX, says it is not compatible with my device....

Rich responds: download GoLauncher directly from the software provider, not the Amazon Android marketplace as my instructions indicate. This will allow you to install Go Launcher on your Kindle.


I got AndroXplorer ok, but when I try to download Go Launcher Ex I get a message that it's not compatible with my device & can't be downloaded. Any tricks to get it another way?? I can't take the carousel!


Thanks for the post. However, Skype does not work on the Kindle Fire. It opens up fine but the calls are all dropped. I tried 3 different sets of microphones/earphones and I was not able to make or receive calls.

Rich responds: Agreed. Please see my next post in the Kindle Fire series about microphones. One can install an inline mike, but not all apps which use microphones seem to work.


I just wanted to thank you for this little write-up! Did a search on how to remove the home screen and the awful carousel and quickly found this page. I absolutely love all the room on the home screen now and the transition effects! It's now set up very similarly to how I have my phone. Why couldn't Amazon do that in the first place?


So easy...thanks! I did not have to install a file manager, though--there is one included with Quickoffice (preinstalled on Fire). :)


Excellent detail!!! THANKS :)


Thank you for the clear explanation - it worked great.

Steve Adams

Nice review Rich.

Peter Raymond

Nicely done!

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