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August 31, 2006


george cunningham

tried to use google.com/alerts to send auto content to my feed twitter account. twitter feed kept kicking it out saying my url wasn't valid.?????? twitterfeed.com would not accept it.help

Rafay Bin Ali

Here is a web service that provides RSS results for Google Search


Since the returned XML is RSS 2.0 compliant, the web service can also be called in a feed reader like this:


You need to change the searchPage, gQuery and numOfResults querystring parameters to your choice. gQuery parameter accepts all standard Google Search Operators.

San Diego SEO

Just wanted to mention that because Google Alert won't help you with SEO because the actual content is fed through an RSS so you won't have the benefit of content residing on your site.


Why saying "Google Alert, which is not part of Google"?

... Rich responds: Make certain you watch the linked screencast / tutorial. Google Alert works in tandem with Google Search.

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