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September 22, 2006


Paul R. Pival

Rich, since I know you were poking around on my site the other week while sorting out the Feedburner issue (am I coming through now?), I suspect mine is one of the blogs that prompted your post. I feel the same way about the content of my blog, and write it for the same reason you write yours. I'm also not in it for the money, but did start including Google Adwords early this year as an experiment to see if they'd cover the cost of the yearly TypePad subscription. My logic was that the ads only display to folks who visit the site, not to the regular readers of the RSS feed, so I figured maybe the traffic sent by search engines would pay the bill, and my regular subscribers would continue to get the free ride. It's a thought :-) So far it doesn't look like I'm gonna pay the bill with a year's worth of advertising, so we'll see how long they remain.

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