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January 03, 2007


Esther Massimini

How about July 26...1994. http://groups.google.com/group/misc.kids.vacation/browse_frm/thread/209eafac3c229960/3920eb6f2b0f1381?lnk=st&q=massimin&rnum=29#3920eb6f2b0f1381

I never did go on the business trip mentioned in that posting!

Just a note that I have had postings from before that but was able to get them removed when they were put on the web. I differentiate web from usenet for this purpose. deja-news.com archived much of usenet and until they were sold (to google, I think) they allowed an original poster to request removal providing their email address from back-in-the-day was still valid. At the time I was mainly posting about parenting problems and medical issues and it was quite a shock to come across them later.

Of course, nowadays removing things is nigh impossible thanks to web archiving sites.

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