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May 10, 2007


Anand Mehta

... Rich Hoeg comments (blog owner): Looks like this post generated some interest! Parents of prospective college students take note!
When I moved to the USA from Kenya to study, in 1998, I was shocked at the dress attitudes of my fellow college students. All schools in Kenya have mandatory uniforms, and my Irish Catholic school was even stricter. You couldn't take off your tie even if the heat was suffocating: you could only open the top button on your shirt. My college experience was a culture-shock and an 'eye-opener' (no pun intended). I had never seen girls in class wearing minimalist clothing and boys wearing flip-flops. I must have been the best-dressed person in all my classes that first semester. Alas, come the following spring, and I was one of them.

Your point about being well-dressed for the admissions personnel is head-on. Not only does one impress the staff, but it is also good practice for the future, when it's time for job interviews. I completed my BSEE and MSEE on scholarships and aid grants, and I know that I got a little extra scholarship money due to my dressing up in a suit for that scholarship interview, much to the ridicule of my peers.

Whenever I attend my university's job fair (for a look-see) I notice that many male students are uncomfortable in their suit. Lack of practice!


As a college admissions professional, I can say that I truly appreciate some tact and respect on the part of prospective families. Good job!

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