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September 07, 2007


Karen Rinaldi

Molly - Best Wishes for your future! It, no doubt, will be very refreshing and stimulating to see life from a different perspective.
All the best!

Susan Schultze

Congratulations, Molly, on acting from the heart! From Schultze family lore, "when one door closes, another one opens". Best wishes on opening doors to new adventures! Love Susan, and the rest of the Readingers

Lois McCartney

Congratulations Molly for making such a wise and brave decision to move on when you feel it makes sense.
Also hope your trip to China is all you have hoped it to be-quite an accomplishmnet not only for Rich but for you and the rest of the Family!
love from Aunt Lois and Uncle Jim

Phillis and Bill Brewer

Dear Molly,
We are so proud of your making the change from the Star Tribune. We wish you all the best in your next adventure, and surely stand behind you, during this change of venue.
We love you,
Phillis and Bill

Lynda & Bobbi

Hey Molly, congratulations! I know announcements like this demonstrate only the tip of the iceberg, and therefore much time, energy and thought must have already been expended on the decision. So, we hope you enjoy the process of change and promotion of your many and varied skills and talents as you search for something fun and challenging in your life. Best wishes for every success...

Maureen Kennedy

My thoughts were with you this landmark week, and you certainly have my respect and admiration for the integrity which your decision represents. You are an amazing and gifted woman and I'll be anxious to see where your journey leads next. Best wishes to you! Maureen Kennedy

Erik Hoeg

Congratulations Mom! You're done! Enjoy all your time off, you deserve it!

Karen Hoeg

Three cheers for Mom! I find it somewhat ironic that as you are ending your career of 20+ years, I am beginning my new career! I believe this is the way it is supposed to be. I'm proud of you.

Sally Barber

Molly, this is so awesome to have the opportunity to begin a new career, perhaps in a totally different field or you could become an entrepreneur!! With your great technical background and a wonderful family supporting you, the sky's the limit. I know you will continue to have good health,happiness and prosperity = this is all you need!!!

Carl Hoeg

Congrats Mom on moving on from the Star Tribune, I know this will be a great change for you! (P.S. - I look great in that picture)

Patty Bloom

Congratulations Molly! Walking away from a known deal can be difficult but so liberating!!! Enjoy the next phase of life...whatever it may bring! I'm very proud of both of you for the accomplishments you and your family have strived for and achieved throughout the years!

Mary Larkin

I'm thinking of you today Molly. One of the wonders of the developments in technology Rich refers to in his introduction is that good friends such as you and me can so easily share our daily lives and experiences. The only thing it can't do is get me there to be with you at this turning point in your life! Never mind, we're still working on alternative ways of meeting up aren't we?!! I look forward to sharing your next steps with you and knowing that you will be happier and more fulfilled. love always Mary

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