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April 07, 2008


Nick Ohrn

I'm a Rose alumni as well, starting as a Mechanical Engineering major before transitioning to Computer Science. Rose-Hulman taught me the discipline that it has taken me to start and run my own company, becoming an expert in my field.

I don't think you'll ever regret your decision to attend Rose (except maybe during finals week). The experience is second to non and you meet people who will be your friend for life.

Mary Jane White

Our son has been accepted into Rose-Hulman, but we're very concerned about financial aid. Could you comment on this generally?

... an edited response from Rich (i.e. blog owner) of my private response to Mary Jane (i.e. this commentor). See my post - http://econtent.typepad.com/econtent/2008/12/upping-the-college-scholarship-ante.html

Brian Mast

Congratulations! Rose was a great place to learn how to be an Engineer. Smart students, dedicated teachers, flexible bureaucracy.

I wish you the best of luck. But don't worry too much about cities and access to civilization. You will not have time to see it.

All the best,

Brian Lee Mast, P.E.
Seattle, Washington

Jared Goulding

Welcome to the Rose-Hulman family, Erik! We're excited to have you join us and look forward to seeing what you achieve in your four years here. See you in August!

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