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January 22, 2009


John Marvin Magsino

try to look for Freemind. its an opensource alternative to the said applications.


any experience with rich information? file size limitations? i use mindjet mindmanager all the time, but i find that the more content i put on a map, the slower it gets. i'm looking for something that can handle information.


www.mindjet.com has everything. It is sad to go back to something like this. Seems like 2 steps back. Collaborators need more grant money to develop the concept.

... Rich responds: MindJet looks good, but does require one buy a license fee. Thus, CMap due to the fact it is free still deserves serious review.

Nadia Spang Bovey

Hi Rich,
You are right, this application is great. I'd add to your description that CMaps also allows for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Collaborators can either add comments on a map or suggest new nodes and links.

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