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February 11, 2009


Peter Wilton

I stumbled upon this from the skinnyski.com update.

While rollerskiing on Monday I fell and dislocated two and fractured one joint in my thumb. I've been training for the Birkie as a goal race all year long, so like you I frantically looked for a solution. A host of medical professionals directed me to a hand specialist at a local physical therapy center. The specialist made me a custom splint, similarly small and able to fit under a glove, and I'm now ready for the Birkie! I hammered some double-poling on my college's football field this afternoon, and so long as I can keep my hand warm, I should be set!

PS-I'm the Carleton skier in wave three.

Rich responds ... Good luck! ... also contacted you privately with the offer to use my second cast ... you could cook it to conform to your own thumb.

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