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February 07, 2009


Graeme Thickins

Congrats, Rich, for taking the plunge! You'll love Twitter.

And thanks for the tweet-out! I guess I'd rather be called "new age" than "old age" (ha, ha).

Yes, it's true: a little-known benefit... Twitter can keep you young!


Dave Armon

Good post. Started following you on Twitter. I'm @daveyarmon

Also saw funny video about an unauthorized commercial for Trader Joe's, which doesn't advertise. It made me laugh, and I shopped today at TJs (so it had some commercial value.)



I've used twitter for a long time. I find it especially useful during political speeches, the presidential debates, etc. I also sometimes tweet live during tv shows. I follow several podcasters and TV critics.

Also you'd be surprised at how many Hollywood and Broadway types tweet. And they are not all young. Bill Shatner tweets. Many actors who are involved in web productions, such as Felicia Day and Brea Grant, tweet, as do some Broadway types.

And like many people, I maintain two twitter accounts. One is for the public, the other is private and limited to just a few select family and friends. Kinda like Obama's Blackberry.

Like many persons

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