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March 16, 2010



Some clocks set themselves using a radio time signal. Bliss!:)


Rich, I live in mortal fear of updating my after-market car radio. None of the buttons indicate a secondary function, but resetting the time involves holding a button and pushing another until the time is updated.

Unfortunately, I can *never* remember which two.

Rich Hoeg

Hey Mark, I agree that a pdf Google search on the model number should yield me a product manual, but a well designed product would not require the user to take this action. In addition, most people don't really know how to search, let alone how to use their computers! :-)


The internet may be of help here. If you Google the make and model of your appliance, the odds are very good that a .pdf version of the manual will be available to download for free. This has saved many of my devices from being reprogrammed with a lump hammer.


lol, totally agree with your points! I used to adjust a microwave timer in my apartment. Because it is a shared kitchen, and the landlord could not find the manual for that microwave, I had to figure it out on my own. After thousand times attempts, I still could not understand how those small buttons on the panel work. Fortunately, I discovered the specifications of that microwave on the back, and found the manual online to solve this problem. It cost me almost one hour!


The best thing I have seen it my GE clock radio. It has a button on it with a sun icon and the words "daylight savings" on it. I press it and it adds an hour. Next Fall I will press it again and it goes back an hour.

The problem is none of my other clocks have this feature.

I feel your pain.

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