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October 24, 2010



Thank you for your response Rich!
Here is an example how we treat different folders as separate websites: we have complete report for www.msh.org and we filter different projects into their own profiles like www.msh.org/afghanistan/ or www.msh.org/projects/lms/
I don't really see how we are loosing data. Am I missing something?


Why wouldn't you filter your existing Google profile appropriately - no extra code needed?

Rich responds: If you apply a filter using Filter Manager to your existing profile / data, it is impossible to reverse that action. In other words, if I set up an include only filter for a directory named "product-a", all the data filtered out is lost forever. By creating a copy, I am applying the filter only against the duplicate. My original data set remains whole.

While one may apply temporary filters via the reports section (this is different from Filter Manager), this does not treat different sections as independent web sites (if that is your desire).

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