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May 19, 2011



Try the "iSwifter" browser, a free download and optional in-app 99-cent purchase to get rid of pop-ups asking if you are done with "try" mode.

iSwifter streams Flash from their servers to your iPad. Surprisingly responsive, including audio and video.

In terms of the Apple store - this weekend they are moving to iPads for completing customer transactions with their new retail software - RetailMe or something like that.

Finally, if you find that you like presenting off your iPad, I know I do - an iPad v2 might be worth looking at, as it will mirror the display.


Not everyone likes efficiency or computers that do not crash, there is a place for MicroSLOW. Before you herald PC's too much you should try the PC side of a Mac, runs faster and smoother than a PC.

Rich (the NorthstarNerd) responds:

Sensitive, aren't we! I thought I said pretty darn nice stuff about Apple. I don't doubt that the Mac is a good computer, but for some of us we need business software not found upon that system. In addition, while I certainly admit my windows based computer crashes on occasion, I do like the control I have over the computer.

I expect the LINUX / UNIX folks will want to chime in and note that I should move towards Ubuntu! I actually also like that Linux based OS. I've been able to take some old systems and make them very useful again.

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