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August 14, 2012


Julie Maxon

This is something I can very much stand behind as we share an interest in protecting these fabulous waters. I have shared your link and will encourage my fans to look at the binational forum.
I had the chance to attend their meeting at NMU some years ago and appreciated their cause then.
Julie Maxon
Great Lakes Art Jewelry

Lois McCartney

Hi Rich and Molly-
Sounds very good to me . Our son Doug and his wife also do biking. Doug just did another long bike ride for Cystic fibrous. He does bike almost every day.
We are beyond doing much biking.
Aunt Lois


Thanks for the info -- I forwarded to Doug & Kim McCartney as I believe they are also big bike riders and may like to participate

Uncle Charlie

sharon day

MIgwetch for doing this for the water. Izitchigay! You can do it!
sharon day

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