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September 05, 2012



Do you drop calls when you move into and out of networks? For example, when you leave a Wi-fi zone and it switches to a cell call, can it do this while you are in mid-conversation or does it drop call prior to switching over?

Rich responds (aka the NorthStar Nerd): Having a call drop when you leave your home wireless will be an issue. However, as 90% of the time when I am leaving home I am also driving a car. I do not drive and talk on my cell phone.


Great review! May I ask how your battery life was over the course of this test, and now?

Rich (aka the Northstar Nerd) responds: Great question! I've added a post on battery life.


Rich, the timing for Republic Wireless posts was great. We are looking for new phones with email and voice so this looks like the right choice for the money. So I think we will go for it soon - although I will miss my google number. Are things still good with the service?

A tech person I know had this to say:
Have not heard of it till now. I just read all the press on their site and it looks like a valid tech. There is no reason that it shouldn't work. Voice over ip is nothing new. There are many applications and services out there that do it. It looks like this is a first attempt to build it directly into a phone. Seems to be a good idea. But with anything new, there are always bugs and such. If you are up for spending 300 on their custom phone just to get in on beta testing, go for it. Most beta tests I have been involved with provide the hardware for you to beta test with. I have never seen or been involved with one that you have to buy the hardware as part of a beta test.

Rich (aka the NorthStarNerd) responds: Agree with all your comments. Just a few notes on my part:
1. Although the Republic Phone costs $265, if one makes this commitment up front, if the difference between one's Republic and Verizon/AT&T/etc monthly bill is $50, one recovers the cost of the phone very quickly ... with no contract.
2. I still use Google Voice. It's a great service for scanning and filtering calls.

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