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January 13, 2013


Summer Duffield

I was interested in Nexus before but now I am more interested in Phablets. Can you do a review of the new Phablets?

Rich Hoeg

Rich responds ...

Hanque: No such thing as a dumb question. One of my college professors once said, the only dumb question is the "one unasked". While certainly the new Microsoft Surface tablet will interface much better with the Microsoft domain, I've found my Nexus 10 to be just fine for viewing office files. I use Quick Office Pro. This paid app allows me to do some creation and editing of MS Office files.

Hanque Amundsen

Thanks for the review Rich. I will ask a dumb question now. Will it run Microsoft software?

Tyler Breuch

Hi Rich,

I received a Nexus 7 tablet for Christmas (made by Asus), and am having a wonderful time with it. Battery life is truly "all day," even when playing games.

As to the app "phone/tablet" conundrum, I haven't really run into any issues, but there's a chance that the 7" screen has something to do with that. One app that has a "tablet mode," actually eats up so much screen space that the content is hard to read, so I've switched it back to "phone mode."

One of the more useful apps I've found allows me to establish a Remote Desktop session to my home server, so I'm able to log in from the couch, or the in-laws!

Speaking of remoting, I have apps for: my DVR (Comcast), streaming music player (Logitech), my Xbox (Microsoft), and my thermostat (Thanks, Honeywell)! If I bought an IR adapter for my phone and a small fridge, I wouldn't have to leave the couch.

I think my biggest delight in the Nexus 7 is simply running an unadulterated version of Android. The consistency in the UI is simple and refreshing.

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