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February 16, 2013


Russ Kurhajetz

Rich, you are in our thoughts. I applaud your openness

Cathy Naabe

I applaud you for getting out there and keeping as much normalcy in your life as possible. That's important and will help greatly with with your treatment and recovery. Keep looking to the future and this will be behind your soon. Best of luck.

t mattei

You are R "Scrap" Hoeg! Recovery is imminent... I shall be skiing @ Boulder with my K-9 soon...& will dedicate it to "GUFK" for ya! (good urine flow karma) Hope to see your yellow snow script next to a track very soon!

Jim Plaunt

Kudos to you, Rich, for being up-front with this topic. As you stated, men are generally lacking in the skills needed to learn and communicate about thise issues. I expect your writings about this will help at least a few of your readers.

Best of luck to you with the treatment!

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