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June 07, 2014



Hi folks,
Is there any way to install it not being the Administrator? I would like to use it on my professional laptop but I am not having these authorisations.


I'm not so sure the case for this approach is so clear cut.you've not factored in the risk of being burgled, or your pc and backup drive being destroyed in a catastrophic event such as a fire.

Also, if you leave the drive connected and get hit by an encrypting virus then the backup Will be encrypted also.

A hybrid solution may be to encrypt files and then store them in the cloud if you're really worried about secrecy.

I personally don't backup to the cloud due to poor broadband, but I have an expensive RAID backup device situated in an outbuilding. I've also blocked everything except ftp access to the device to prevent encryption viruses.

Taking a balance of risks approach though I'd prefer to use Google drive than have an on site single disk usb device.

Jim Hendrickson

Thanks, Rich.
As always, your posts are well stated and illustrated, concerning important items.
Two other elements of backup also need to be considered:
What about really important things that need to survive catastrophic events, like a fire? Traditionally, this was in a safe deposit vault or at least a fire-resistant box. Now, many people depend on backup media, which deteriorates or fails.
Second, if we have data that we want to survive our lifetimes, or even the lifetime of whatever media or archiving software we use, our family or successors need to know where that data is and how to access it. If I were to die (I should say, after I die), can my family still find those pictures that we cherished? People currently mourn photos destroyed in a fire, soon they'll mourn photos lost because of a lost password.
Of course, we may want to do something to emulate the value a photo used to have. My entire childhood life is on photo albums holding maybe a hundred photos. Now, I may shoot 100 photos in a day. If I don't somehow arrange them, it won't matter if they are lost, they are only data, not information.

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